Sarah Meier, Naturheilpraktikerin mit eidg. Diplom TCM, Schwerpunkt Akupunktur und chin. Arzneitherapie

Caring for people, animals and our planet has always been important to me.
I´ve searched to understand life from a spiritual and holistic point of view. Since I graduated as a therapist for traditional
chinese medicine and western naturopathy, I was allowed to help many people
actively support their health and well-being. After my studies, my urge to learn did not stop.  I am very interested in modern knowledge in connection with
traditional methods. My aim is to give all patients the best possible
treatment, and to constantly develop myself. I was blessed to learn about specific fields of oriental medicine and natureopathy from great teachers, and thus specialise on following fields:

1.) Gynecology & Reproductive Medicine
2.) Pregnancy & birth preparation
3.) Oncology & breast health

I work in the Baden Cantonal Hospital and in the praxis TCM Chan in Zürich ( Both
workplaces have the option of close cooperation with doctors and midwives – a
valuable experience that I don’t want to miss anymore.  The treatments, as well as herbs preparations that I suscribe,
are refunded by most health insurance companies with supplementary insurance. Treatment with oriental medicine, accompanying the
conventional medicine treatment, can have very positive effects on the course of a disease. And the good thing is, it has no side effects.

I’m looking forward to getting to know you personally, and assist you on your way of feeling better.

An overview of my workplaces:
Tuesday & Thursday: TCM Chan in Zürich
Wednesday & Friday: Kantonsspital Baden, Building N/9