What is Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)?

● Traditional Chinese Medicine was developed in East Asia over 2000 years ago.

● TCM treats the body as a holistic, energetic system that can be divided into functional circles (organs and meridians) that are connected to each other. The aim of the treatment is to restore a balance of these inner elements and of the basic qualities yin and yang. This will strenghten the bodies own healing potential.

● In contrast to western, purely material medicine, which specifically treats individual symptoms or diseases, TCM is more about restoring the balance of body, mind and soul.


What is Western Naturopathy?

Medical use of organic healing herbs known from the garden, meadow and forest. The application takes place with capsules, tinctures, tea, or essential oils.

The approach is “western” by concentrating on the detectable ingredients, analogous to conventional medicine.


                                                                              I offer the following treatment methods:


– Acupuncture and Moxa  (warming of acupuncture points with mugwort)

– Chinese drug therapy / herbal medicine

– TCM mycotherapy (medicinal mushrooms)

– Phytotherapy with European herbs, according to the Western approach

– Vital substance advice

– Massage techniques (cupping massage, acupressure)

– Dietetics (nutritional advice)


My TCM specialty is gynecology and TCM reproductive medicine. This includes the following topics:


– Menstrual Problems

– Cycle disorders, PCOS, endometriosis

– Mood swings

– Hormonal imbalances and PMS

– Infertility of women and men

– Pregnancy support

– Birth preparation

– Breast disease

– Menopause



A consultation usually takes 60 minutes and costs CHF 144.00

If you are unable to attend, please cancel at least 24 hours before the appointment.

                                                                                                                                   Health insurance

Most health insurance companies reimburse the treatment costs through the supplementary insurance for complementary medicine.

However, the insurance terms vary, so it is advisable to contact the insurer directly about the reimbursement of costs before starting treatment.

My registration number is: ZSR F875760